Surrey PCC comments on police officers competancy

By keith

June 19th, 2014

Police officers ‘not being trained properly’ says Surrey’s Police and Crime Commissioner

 6:00am 19th June 2014

Surrey’s Police and Crime Commissioner says his officers are not being trained well enough.

Speaking to Eagle, Kevin Hurley has hit out at the level of cuts the force faces.

He says that means policemen and women are not trained to the level they used to be.

We asked the Commissioner if he thinks Surrey’s officers are competent: “They are less competent than they should be, in my view.

“These are silent little time bombs that go off every now and again when we see these failings by police up and down the country.

“It’s because we’re not investing in training.”

Commissioner Hurley is well known for supporting Surrey’s officers in public and says his comments on training are not meant as criticism of them.

Rather, he wants to see more money invested: “I’m about making the people of Surrey safer, not supporting the police, but I understand that if the police aren’t well trained and well-motivated they won’t go out there and do their best for us.

“So yes, it is a difficult message but we have to tell it like it is.

“If we want to maintain order in this country we need to invest in it.

“We cannot keep cutting back but, more importantly we cannot keep going down the route that the Government appears to be of criticising the very people we need to keep us safe.”

Commissioner Hurley recently warned budget cuts could lead to the force losing 500 staff.

He says the Government is putting too much pressure on police forces by protecting areas like education and health budgets from austerity: “Austerity has to fall on the other sections of Government in a far more punishing way.

“Frankly, austerity has been good to the police and I would like to see it applied far more fairly to the other areas.”