Run to Remember 2016

By Huw Williams

January 26th, 2016

2016 sees the return of our Run To Remember challenge, when we launched the run in 2013/14 we saw nearly 2,000 Police Officers & staff take part in running 2 miles per day for 125 days. As a result of this we managed to fund projects for;

Care Of Police Survivors- Funded children’s projects for children of officers that had died on duty: £33,300.00

North West Police Benevolent Fund- Provision of physiotherapy equipment for the use of officers injured on duty: £33,300.00

Victim Support- Funded the training of 92 volunteers that provide support to victims of crime: £33,300.00

 We have continued to grow as a charity and continue to support children who have lost a family member (Mum, Dad, Sibling) through murder or manslaughter, this year alone we have provided IT equipment to three children, all who have lost Mum through domestic violence, their pain compounded by seeing Dad sentenced to life imprisonment as a result. This IT equipment will be used by them as part of their return to school by completing course work etc while away from school.

This year’s run will see people signing up to complete 2 miles per day for 100 days and pledge to raise just £1 per day. Funds raised following this will create a ring fenced budget in order to fund future University places for children and young people we help.

With the help of our patron, Sir Patrick Stewart, and former Chancellor of Huddersfield University (this was Nicola’s University prior to joining GMP)we are approaching the University network and asking them to match each place we fund at their University.

I have attached our advertisement poster and ask that you display/distribute and encourage people to sign up and help to make a difference in the lives of those left behind.



 Bryn Hughes

 PC Nicola Hughes Memorial Fund

R2R 2016 Poster