Message from the chairman

By keith

June 24th, 2014

Today I chaired a meeting of your Federation Representatives where an important decision was made.

 Since its creation in 1919, The Police Federation of England and Wales has, by statute, been divided into separate rank committees (nationally) and rank boards (locally). At our national conference in May it was agreed that the central rank committees would cease to operate independently and all nationally elected reps would meet as one body (the Interim National Board).

 I am very pleased to advise you that following today’s meeting your reps unanimously voted to dispense with holding separate rank board meetings. This means that issues will no longer be discussed in isolation by rank. From this date forward, your local Federation will only meet jointly with all matters being discussed in a forum made up of Federation representatives of all ranks.

 Until regulations are changed we must continue electing ten Constables, ten Sergeants and ten officers from the Inspecting ranks to our board, but this is our first step to becoming a truly rankless organisation as we strive to modernise our working practices and to live up to our national strapline – “United we stand”.