Female Officers

By admin

June 5th, 2013

This page is dedicated to addressing issues or answering queries for female officers, including issues such as flexible working, maternity leave, part time working and other related areas of business.  Watch this space for information in the near future.


With our Fed Rep elections now complete I am really pleased to report that we have increased our representation of female officers considerably.


We have 3 full time reps and 30 local rep positions. Prior to the election we had only 6 women on the board. This has now increased to 10 which equates to 33% of our board being women, up from 18%, which is excellent.


To put those figures into perspective, 36% of the Federated ranks within Surrey Police are women so we are well on the way to accurately reflecting you, the electorate. Now, we can focus on working closely with officers and the force for the greater good.


Mike Dodds

Chairman – Surrey Police Federation